Admissions Standards

Highland Christian School admits students whose parents are like-minded spiritually, who are supportive of our philosophy, objectives and standards of education, and who meet our admissions standards.  Our purpose is to serve families who desire not simply a private education, but a distinctively Christian education for their children.  You can download a copy of the HCS School Overview and Admissions Information Book here.  Please note that there is a $365 application fee (per family) that is due when you submit your first child’s application.


1. Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that shared beliefs, values and practices are essential to our Christian school community.  For this reason, we require that each of our staff – whether they be teachers, bus drivers, janitors, administrators, or  substitutes- and the parents of our students declare:

  • that they have confessed faith in Jesus Christ
  • that they are seeking to live under the authority of Scripture with God as Lord of their life
  • that they agree with the basis of instruction at Highland Christian School, and
  • that they believe in the doctrines of the Christian church as summarized in the creeds.

Parents seeking admission of their child/children into or continued enrollment in HCS agree to our Statement of Foundational Beliefs and abide by our Policy on Human Sexuality (Matthew 5:16; Philippians 2:14-16; 1 Thessalonians 5:22.).

2.  Church Membership

Christian education starts with you.  That is why church membership is so important to us here at Highland Christian School.  Church membership  isn’t about checking a box or going through religious motions.  It’s about individual growth through biblical instruction and the resulting fellowship we enjoy as children of the Living God!

Contrary to popular cultures call to convenience (what suits my schedule) and consumerism (what’s in it for me), we believe that Christ calls us into relationship.  He first calls us into a personal relationship with Himself.  Then He calls us to be in relationship with each other.  (Romans 12:5; Ephesians 4:11, 15,16; Hebrews 13:17)

While church membership processes differ among denominations and local fellowships, membership typically involves a public profession of faith, voluntary commitment to the local body of believers and voluntary submission to the church’s leadership in the individual’s life.

Families who are seeking enrollment at Highland Christian School must be actively engaged with the body of Christ.  We require that

  •  One parent (custodial) be a confessing Christian who holds active membership in a Bible believing, evangelical, Protestant church.
  • The family must be engaged in weekly worship and provide evidence of their fellowship in the church body through a confidential Pastor’s Recommendation.

3.  Student Preparedness

Student(s) must have a record of satisfactory academic performance and appropriate school behavior in previously attended schools.
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Parent Student Handbook

The Parent Student Handbook you will receive each year contains an expression of our religious purpose, mission, and beliefs as well as many of the school’s policies, procedures, and expectations that will govern the parent-student-school relationship at Highland Christian School.  As a prospective parent, we recommend that you review the current Parent-Student Handbook prior to your application and enrollment.

Highland Christian School unashamedly believes, teaches and practices a literal interpretation of the Word of God.  Biblical principles are integrated into every subject taught at our school.  Our staff is committed not only to academic excellence but also to teaching students how to apply the truths of God’s Word to every aspect of life.  If you are in agreement with the teachings of God’s Word, Highland Christian School will complement the beliefs and ideals your child is taught at home.  We look forward to partnering with you to educate your child in God’s truth.

If you do not agree with our religious mission and beliefs, enrolling your child will likely cause him or her confusion.  For example, if a question regarding biblical lifestyles arises in Chapel or your child’s classroom, the teacher will answer from a biblical viewpoint consistent with our mission and belief statement.  If your beliefs and lifestyle choices are not in agreement with our doctrinal stance, that answer will likely create a conflict in your child’s heart and mind.  This internal conflict could drive a wedge between you and your child, cause your child to negatively judge you as a parent, or force your child to choose between our teaching and what he or she learns at home.  We respect your desire to place your child in the best possible learning environment, but if you are not in full agreement with our doctrinal positions or your lifestyle is in conflict with them, your family will not be admitted for enrollment at Highland Christian School.

You can review a full statement of Highland Christian School’s vision, mission, religious purpose and philosophy of education, and  enrollment policy here.