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Since 1909, Highland Christian School has been teaching children to look through a trustworthy lens to view the world – the lens of Jesus Christ. The biblical worldview serves as the foundation for everything we are and everything we teach. When you entrust your children to Highland Christian, you can be confident that God’s truth will be woven into the fabric of their education – from academics to gym class.

Most likely, your children will change their minds many times about what they want to be when they grow up. By equipping them with a Christ-centered education, you can be sure they will receive the moral compass, character training, and confidence they will need to succeed wherever they are called.

Our goal is to lead each child to the peak of his or her individual, academic potential. This is Christ-centered in the very deepest sense because it acknowledges that the child’s value is in Christ and not in his performance when compared with others. Students learn to embrace and use their unique gifts to the fullest. Highland Christian School will graduate students with academic competence according to ability, but who also know, serve, and love God and their neighbor according to the unique purposes of God.

When children and parents walk through our doors for the first time, our goal is to embrace them with the warmth of the home environment. This is because Highland Christian School is more than a great school – it’s a vibrant Christian community. And our community of teachers, parents, alumni, and administrators see equipping children with a Christ-centered education as our mission. It’s been said that attending Highland Christian School is like an apprenticeship to a Christian life. Simply said, we help children learn how to be.

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