Highland Christian School provides a comprehensive, fully accredited education program for students pre-kindergarten through grade 8.

Preschool:  Our Pre-K program is known as the Sonshine Enrichment Center and is housed in the main building.  Preschool program options vary based on age.  Classes are taught by dedicated Christian teachers and are geared towards preparing children for the transition into their formal education at kindergarten.

Kindergarten-Grade 8:

Highland Christian offers an educational program for all students Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, with two sections per grade.  Kindergarten is full time.  The junior high (grades six through eight) are taught in a junior high model: a period schedule, subjects taught by academic area specialists.  All of our students, first through eighth grade, benefit from professional instruction in music, art, library sciences, and physical education.  We provide extra-curricular programs in the fine arts and competitive athletics.

The schedule for kindergarten follows the school calendar. Our full-day program begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 3:10 PM and meets Monday – Friday.

Highland Christian School’s curriculum is reviewed and selected by a faculty and administrative committee.  The materials are not from a single publisher but are selected for their content, quality, and compatibility with a Christian perspective.  HCS seeks the highest quality academic materials to serve the mission, but we believe that the teacher is the master of the curriculum, and that a variety of curriculum materials allow opportunities to teach students to view all knowledge through the scriptural lens and to apply principles of Biblical integration.  We use materials published by Saavas, McGrawHill, Project Lead the Way, and Christian Schools International.

Highland Christian provides academic support services for students with learning difficulties.  Identified students in grades one through five are assisted in our Discovery Center.  The Discovery Center teacher focuses on individual learning styles and making learning effective and pleasurable so that each student reaches personal potential. The Academic Support Center is a resource for junior high students with unique learning needs. Qualified students are assisted through individualized and small group instruction in specific subject areas. Some students are assisted through study halls focusing on organizational skills.

Uniforms are not required at Highland Christian School. We do enforce a dress code that speaks to modesty, humility, and communication of our creation in the image of God.

Highland Christian School provides a hot lunch program 5 days a week. 

Meal Tickets are purchased through the office.  They are sold as
5 Lunch Cards - $13.75
20 Lunch Cards - $55.00


  • Turkey Dog on a whole grain bun, chips, veggie and fruit
  • Soy PB&J, chips, veggie & fruit
  • Sunshine Lunch: Yogurt tube, string cheese, carrots, fruit and Goldfish


  • 6th - 8th grade students have the option to purchase doubles.  The price of doubles is $4.10 (1 1/2 punches).
  • 4th - 5th grade students only have the option to purchase doubles on Pizza Days.

The cost of a lunch is $2.75;  however, a lunch card must be purchased. 

A note will be sent home when your child needs a new lunch card.  You also have the option to have your child’s 20-meal lunch card automatically renewed when he/she needs a new card.  This would be added to your tuition account at the time the card is written.

The hot lunch menu is published here.  on the OnCampus and Website calendars.  All meals are peanut-free.

Technology is a key tool in our educational processes.  It provides great latitude to target student learning at a level that is appropriate for each individual student.  In addition, it allows us to engage students- appealing to multiple learning styles, providing various levels of autonomy, and opportunites for peer collaboration.

Highland Christian employs a 1:1 Technology program for students wherein each child has a device that is dedicated for their use during the school day.  Junior high students are provided with a laptop for their use during the school year.  These devices travel with the student to and from home.  Students in K-5 are provided with an iPad for use at school.

Music and art are taught to all students at Highland Christian School. The students move to music or art classrooms and are instructed by a specialist weekly. Similarly, physical education instruction is provided at all grade levels. Co-curricular programs are available to junior high students in the areas of choral and instrumental music as well as seasonal competitive sports.

The current tuition and fee pricing can be found on our Tuition and Fees page.

Yes. Our Before and After Care Program is located in our main building. It is available for currently enrolled students preschool through grade 8.  The hours of operation are from 6:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Scheduling for Before and After Care is flexible. Families who are registered will complete a monthly schedule based on their needs. The fee is $5.50 per hour.  There is a maximum family fee of $11.00/hour

Highland Christian School operates six bus routes. Families concentrated in certain neighborhoods enjoy bus service to a point very near their homes. Students living outside of served areas may be able to establish a point on one of the routes that would reduce the distances that parents would need to transport their children. Please contact the school for specific information.