Be a role model.

Volunteers demonstrate generosity, put feet to faith, communicate value, and inspire goodness.  Experience the joy of generosity as you share your gifts and talents for the good of our kids and the glory of God.

There are many ways to get involved so see what best suits you!  Everyone has a place at Highland Christian School.  Let us help you find yours.  Together, we will prepare kids to impact the world for Christ!


Prayer Groups

All Year Long

Chairperson for Men: TBD [email protected]

Chairperson for Women: Tia Koutz [email protected]

Highland Christian School offers prayer groups for men and women.  Anyone with a heart for HCS, whether parent, grandparent, alumni, or neighbor - you are encouraged to uphold the school community in prayer, and this is an excellent way to do it.  The men’s and women’s prayer groups meet regularly throughout the school year (separately) to pray for the needs of the school, the families, and the community. Regular attendance is encouraged, but not required.  “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20. If you would like more information about one of the prayer groups, check here.

etc…a resale marketplace

All Year Long

Chairperson: Beth Mills [email protected]

etc…A resale Marketplace is a thrift store that benefits HCS in many ways. If you find yourself with a few hours a week or just one afternoon a year, your help is needed. Be sure to watch for your student’s class sort night!

Pastor Appreciation Brunch

Chairperson: PTO: [email protected]

For all the HCS pastors, we would like to show our appreciation by hosting a brunch and prayer meeting.  If you can make a brunch dish or help with appreciation cards on this day, please let us know!

HCS Dinner Event

Chairperson: PTO: [email protected]

During the annual PTO dinner event, we need volunteers to help clear tables, refill drinks, and be hospitable to those in attendance.  This is a great opportunity for you to serve with your 3rd, 4th or 5th grader.  If you would like to volunteer at this fun night, please check here. (Date TBD)

Staff Appreciation Brunch

Chairperson: PTO: [email protected]

If you are willing to provide a casserole, fruit item, baked goods, juice, paper products, etc. for this event, please check here.

Field Day

Chairperson: PTO: [email protected]

Field Day is such a fun for the kids! To help things run smoothly, we may need a few extra hands. If you are willing to help in various ways on this day – please check here!


All Year Long

Chairperson: Ann Lunch [email protected] or (219)838-0356 Ext 100

TRIP stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program.  It is a great way to reduce your tuition by purchasing gift cards for everyday use or to hand out as gifts.  Every Tuesday there are groups who sort the gift card orders.  It is usually a two-hour commitment, once a month. We are also looking for someone to apprentice for the chairperson position. If you would like to volunteer for the TRIP program and/or learn the job for a year under the current coordinator, check here.

Husky Ambassador

Chairperson: Jessica Hiskes [email protected]

With so many new families at HCS this year, we thought having a Husky Ambassador per grade would help with the transition!  The Husky Ambassador would be the contact person/family for new families and students.  They can check-in, see how the school year is going, and be there to answer any questions that might arise.  Essentially the Husky Ambassador would be the liaison for HCS!  If you are interested in being a Husky Ambassador, please email Jessica at the e-mail above!

Staff Appreciation Breakfast

Chairperson: PTO: [email protected]

If you are willing to provide a casserole, fruit item, baked goods, juice, paper products, etc. for this event, please check here.

Kindergarten Screening

Chairperson: Shirleen Brown [email protected]

During the Kindergarten screening tests, we need a couple of adults to supervise and interact with those students who are waiting their turn to take the tests.  If you can volunteer for this need, please check here.

Impact Day

Chairperson: Vicki Huizenga [email protected]

On this day, students are matched up with service projects on and off campus. Volunteers work alongside students and oversee project teams.  If you are willing to help supervise and serve during this “feet to faith” project, please check here.

Golf Outing

Chairperson: Jessica Hiskes [email protected]

We brought back the HCS Golf Outing this past August and it was a huge success! We are looking forward to making it an annual thing. There will be many roles and volunteer opportunities to help with next year. This event will be held over the Summer. If you would like more information about how you can get involved, please e-mail Jessica!

Work Nights-TBD

Chairperson: Building & Grounds Committee [email protected] 

Several times a year, we need 20-25 people to assist with indoor and outdoor work projects.  The projects may include painting, weeding, spreading mulch, trimming low hanging branches, assembly of materials, cleaning, etc.  Dates are TBD.  If you are willing to labor with us, let us know!

Office Help-TBD

Chairperson: Jodi Lineburg [email protected]

Occasionally, there are mass mailings that need to be sent out from the HCS office.  If you are willing to assist with these, please let us know!

PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

Chairperson/President: Krista Boomsma [email protected]

PTO is a group of 10 parents who organize fundraisers, school events, and help bring together the HCS community.  PTO meets once a month and it is a 2-year commitment. If you are interested in learning more about being on the board or volunteering for an event, please email Rose!

Book Fair

Chairperson: Judy Zandstra [email protected]

Volunteers are needed to work shifts at the book fair.  Shifts are normally 3 hours long either morning or afternoon. Please check here if you would like to volunteer at the Book Fair.


Chairperson: Henry Groot [email protected]

The Auction has many parts – from solicitation to set-up to checkout and pick up. They have a great group of volunteers going but are always looking for more. If you are willing to help out with the auction in any way, or would like more information - please let us know!

8th Grade Graduation Reception

Chairperson: Pat Scheeringa [email protected]

7th grade parents: If you are willing to help set up tables and chairs after school and then serve desserts and refreshments in the evening, please check here.

8th grade parents: If you are willing to make cookies, bars, or other desserts for the reception, please check here.

PTO Picnic

Chairperson: PTO: [email protected]

If you can help with the last day of school picnic by chaperoning, serving, or providing food, please check here.


HCS Volunteer Opportunities

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