Enrichment & Support

Here to achieve high levels of learning for ALL students!

Discovery Center | Mrs. Gail Achterhof

The Discovery Center serves students in grades K-5 who need mild to moderate support in the areas of reading and math. Students receive these pull-out services in small group or a one-on-one basis depending on the need.  We focus on individual learning styles and making learning effective and pleasurable so that each student reaches personal potential.

Academic Support | Mrs. Kathy Vant Hoff

Academic Support is provided for Junior High Students who need support in math or reading.  This support can be provided on a pull-out or push-in model. Students are generally served in small groups.

Specialized Interventions | Mrs. Melissa Brower, Mrs. Kristin Freel, Mrs. Cheri Flory

We are pleased to offer a variety of specialized interventions at all grades through our Title 1 Program, Reading Specialist, and other targeted interventions.

Student Support Services | Mrs. Christine Hoekstra, Mrs. Abby Jacobs

Sometimes life throws a curve ball and students needs a little extra support!

Therapeutic Supports | Mild to Moderate Needs

Highland Christian School is equipped to meet the needs of students who have mild to moderate learning difficulties.  We are pleased to work with Northwest Indiana Special Education Co-op (NISEC) for the assessment of student needs and the writing of individualized service plans (ISP).  We employ a private team of therapists who provide interventions for enrolled students with an ISP.