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An institution as significant and durable as Highland Christian School did not rise spontaneously in the Town of Highland. It has been founded on biblical principles as articulated by the Protestant Reformation. These teachings as explained by the Reformation leader, John Calvin, swept the Low Countries of Europe in the sixteenth century, revived interest in education, and brought increased respect for teachers and learning. Dutch Calvinists envisioned a separate school to transmit their faith to the next generation. Immigrants to northwest Indiana perpetuated the vision.

Highland Christian School was founded in 1909. Ridge Road was a rutted dirt wagon path. Transportation of Highland students to the Munster Christian School (later Lansing Christian School) was accomplished with a horse drawn enclosed wagon for the 1907 and 1908 school years. In the 1909 school year, the Highland Christian School board filed for incorporation and Highland Christian School was formally incorporated on January 10, 1910 as The Association for Christian Instruction at Highland. This is still our legal name.

The stated purpose of Highland Christian School was (and is):

…to maintain and conduct a private school for the purpose of instruction in all branches of study taught in the common schools of the State of Indiana, and any other branches of study that may be deemed advisable to be taught by the Board of Directors of this association, and to give this instruction according to the Calvinist Principles of the tenets of the Christian Reformed Church ….

The first building occupied by Highland Christian School was a wooden church structure that was converted to school use. It was located on Jewett Street. The first purpose built school was a four room, two story brick structure on Highway Avenue at the location where the Calumet National Bank now stands. The current property was acquired after WWII and the first building at this site was occupied in February of 1951. The building has been expanded several times.

Highland Christian School has remained dedicated to its stated purpose and continues to provide a quality Christian education for families in our community.

Constitution of Highland Christian School

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