Bible Curriculum


What does it mean to be "Biblically grounded"?

Bible is a core content area, taught daily for all students at Highland Christian School.   In preschool through grade 1, students are taught from a story-telling perspective.  Following the progression of Scripture, they learn key events, biographies and truth straight from the pages of God's Word.

Students in grades 2-5 dig deeper!  These students work their way through the Old Testament in chunks based on their grade level.  By the end of grade 5, students have studied their way through the Pentatuech, Kings, Judges, Psalms , Jesus life and ministry.

Junior High students go even deeper with their study through guided personal study, classroom instruction on Bible study methods, and  practical conversations.

At every level, students are immersed in learning through direct interaction in the Word of God, guided instruction, prayer, memorization and personal application.  We invite you to bathe this process in prayer as we know that the planting and watering of these seeds today, will bear the fruit of faith as God provides.

While we use a variety of materials in the course of Biblical Instruction, Christian Schools International is the primary publisher of our Bible Curriculum.