Curriculum & Student Opportunities

The goal of our instruction at Highland Christian School is boys and girls prepared to impact their world for Christ by being:

Academically Equipped

  • HCS students will leave 8th Grade prepared to thrive in high school – the gateway to college and career. Starting from the earliest grades our focus will be high school readiness.
  • The Everyday Learning math curriculum will help them develop number sense and problem solving capabilities that will help them learn to enjoy math and be part of the 50% of college freshmen who are successful in science and math classes.
  • The language arts program will help our youngest students learn sounds and letters as a basis for the decoding skills which will prepare them to be life-long readers. All students will be exposed to the variety of literary genres. They will learn that “The complete sentence is the battering ram to college” and improve their oral and written communication skills.
  • We will give them insight into the natural world that God gave us, and prepare them for a life of Christian stewardship through a rigorous, hands-on science curriculum that is both faith-focused and standards-based.
  • Our social studies curriculum starts with understanding local communities at our youngest grades, learning the characteristics of our own United States, and then looking at the world from ancient times up until the modern age. Students will learn to be citizens of both this country and God’s kingdom.
  • Our core academic curriculum will be supported with classes in music and the arts so that students can grow in their own giftedness and appreciate the work of others.
  • Our comprehensive physical education program will engage students in a lifetime of fitness and healthy choices.
  • We will measure student learning through the rigorous and meaningful MAP testing program which begins linking student preparedness to the ACT College Benchmarks in 3rd Grade.  HCS teachers are state certified and our entire academic program is accredited through both CSI (Christian Schools International) and AdvancEd.

Biblically Grounded

  • To be Biblically grounded is to know what you believe and have the courage to stand up for it. This part of our vision is accomplished through:
  • The relational approach of HCS teachers who recognize each student as a child of God with great potential.
  • A systematic Bible curriculum which ensures a thorough exposure to all of scripture – introducing and then cycling back for deeper understanding as students mature.
  • A curriculum that starts with a biblical perspective of every subject.

Spiritually Nurtured

Students will be discipled through both times of getting it right and times of making mistakes that they can learn from. The literature on spiritual formation is clear that the most significant factor in the spiritual formation of our young people is the modelling that is provided by the Godly adults in their lives. First is the influence of parents; next is the influence of teachers, who are “…not meant to be merely relaying the facts; we’re meant to be bards, speech-weavers, spinning a spell that captures the imagination.” From Almost Christian by Kenda Dean.

HCS students are”…created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God has prepared in advance for them to do.” (Ephesians 2:10) It is our great joy to prepare students for the work God has prepared for them.