HCS – Basis of Instruction

The basis of instruction is set forth in Article II of the Constitution of Highland Christian School and states “This society is founded on the Holy Scripture as interpreted in the confessional standards of the Reformed churches.”  It is our belief that God has made himself known in the Bible and in the world which he created and now sustains by his almighty power and unchanging law.

We believe that the Bible teaches that God has established a special relationship or covenant with Christians.  By a saving faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, Christians participate in this special relationship with God in all aspects of their lives.

We also believe that there is a close connection between this covenant relationship and the education of our youth.  Christian parents bear the responsibility of instructing their children in God’s truth that touches every realm, sphere, and activity of life.  Because all truth is God’s truth, Highland Christian School, as an extension of Christian homes, is dedicated to educating children of Christian parents from this perspective.

Our purpose is to confront students with the important realities of life so that they may learn how to evaluate them in light of the eternal principles taught in the Bible.

Because the Bible and all learning are inevitably related, Highland Christian School has a Biblically based curriculum.

Students are taught that they are bearers of the image of their Creator and have the responsibility to develop their God given abilities and potential.  Because humans are mortal beings, affected by sin, Highland Christian School endeavors to develop in students a keen awareness of how they are to live as morally responsible individuals.

At Highland Christian School we seek to uphold the discipline and values of the Christian home.  Students are required to obey rules that we believe are in harmony with rules found in well-ordered Christian homes.

Christian education must be religious to its very core; enabling students to grow in a mature understanding of their relationship to God and to the world in which they live.

Highland Christian School is open to students from homes where Christ is honored and served.  Highland Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, national origin, age, physical characteristics or disabilities for purposes of hiring, admission, retention or promotion.