2023 HCS Expansion

Highland Christian School is pleased to announce that the  2023 Expansion Plan was unanimously approved on May 2, 2022 at our Annual Society Meeting!  We are grateful for this opportunity to grow our facility and in so doing increase the effectiveness of our programs and the scope of services we provide for students in northwest Indiana.   Thank you for your support!


At this point, we’re looking to identify individual and corporate partners who are willing to lead the way with a 5-year pledge before we break ground.  We have worked with multiple constituent vendors to bid this project and have confirmed that our expansion expenses will be between $4 and $5 million dollars. Our goal is to pay this debt down in 7 years, or sooner if possible.  We’ve identified $2.6 million in budgeted resources and anticipate surplus income over the next 7 years that will be allocated to these expenses.  In addition, gift revenue from our annual School Improvement Appeal will be allocated to these expenses until the debt is paid.

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We are grateful to the community that surrounds and supports us financially!

HCS Husky

This information was presented at the Community Response Sessions ahead of the Special Meeting.

Initial Concept Drawings

Initial Concept Drawings

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