Annual Society Meeting

The 2022-2023 Society Meeting Agenda will be linked here two weeks prior to the meeting date.

Absentee Ballot
Absentee Ballots must be received by 5:00 pm.


Highland Christian School is a parent-governed school.  Each year we host a Society Meeting on the first Monday evening in May.   At this meeting, the acting Board and Administrative Team provides report of the State of the School.  It is here that we review and approve the annual budget.  It is also here that we nominate our School Board.

Voting privileges are given to individuals who are:

  1. Professing believers in Jesus Christ and active members in good standing of a local Bible believing church, in the Protestant arm of Christianity,
  2. In agreement with Highland Christian School’s Statement of Foundational Beliefs and have attested to this through a signed statement of beliefs, and
  3. Active in their financial support of Highland Christian School  as demonstrated by a gift to any fund during the current fiscal year that is received at least 6 weeks prior to the Annual Society Meeting.

Privilege of the floor is given to any vested member of our community who is a professing believer, an active member in good standing within their local church and wishes to invest themselves in our School.

Prior year minutes, board nominees and reports are published in the Annual Society Meeting Agenda.