Highland Christian School students will be academically equipped, biblically grounded, and spiritually nurtured to impact their world for Christ.

Highland Christian School students will be academically equipped, biblically grounded, and spiritually nurtured to impact their world for Christ.

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Highland Christian School partners with parents who profess personal faith in Jesus Christ and are living their lives under the authority of God’s Word.

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HCS Distinctives

  • Covenant Model.

    We partner with parents who profess faith in Jesus Christ and are raising their children under God's authority with regular teaching in His Word, and active participation in a local, Protestant Christian Church.

  • Nationally Acclaimed Model PLC School.

    We've implemented the Professional Learning Community framework (Drs. DuFour & Marzano) and earned the distinction of "Model PLC School" in 2019.  Guided by the teachings of Dr. DuFour and Dr. Marzano and informed by Dr. John Hattie's research in Visible Learning, we are able to achieve strong student outcomes.

  • Standards Based.

    Learning and grading is standards based at HCS.  We've mapped our curriculum to Indiana State standards and identified power standards for every grade level and content area.  As a result, we are able to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students. 

  • Distinctively Christian.

    Students participate in classroom devotions, Bible class, and faith formation activities in the course of their regular day.  Chapel provides a time of corporate worship and biblical instruction.  Our doctrinal position is distinctively Reformed.

  • Project Lead the Way Certified.

    Our students are equipped with the skills they need for high school and beyond!  Project Lead the Way modules provide content rich, hands-on learning experiences that contribute to meaningful acquisition of knowledge, critical thought, and problem solving skills.

  • Data Driven & Results Oriented.

    We are data driven and results oriented.  Teachers document and map each student's academic journey, providing support and enrichment as needed to ensure high levels of learning for ALL students.

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Highland Christian School is a Model PLC school where students at all levels are engaged in deep discipleship and high-level learning. We are a multi-denominational, multi-ethnic school community bound together by faith in Jesus Christ and a common, impassioned vision for students.



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