Bus Service

We are pleased to offer Bus Service for students in grades K-8!

We operate six bus routes that are re-routed annually.  Students have the option of morningafternoon or round-trip service.  Initial pick-up times are published 7-10 days prior to the start of the school year.  While we work to minimize service disruption, routes are subject to change during the school year.

How do I sign-up for bus service?

Bus service is requested at the time of enrollment.  It is an option on your enrollment contract.  It can also be added during the school year as long as there are seats available.

2022-2023 Bus Fees

Transportation fees are billed per student.
$490.00/annually  Round-trip Service
$245.00/annually  One-way Service

Need more information?

Email our Transportation Coordinator, Mrs. Michelle Herrell or call the main office at 219-838-0356.

Bus Service Areas

Families concentrated in certain neighborhoods enjoy bus service to and from a point very near their homes. Students living outside of served areas may be able to establish a point on one of the routes that would reduce the distances parents need to drive.  Please see the bus service area maps below or contact the Office for specific information.