Board of Trustees

School Board Members

President:  Deanne Van Rosendale
Vice President: Julie Sitter
Secretary:  Jerry Kuiper
Treasurer:  Curt DeGraff
Asst. Treasurer:  Shawn Evers

Josiah Luttjeboer
Lon Natelborg
Jen Neibert
Mike Schutt
Karen Sherwood


Executive:  Deanne Van Rosendale, Julie Sitter, Curt DeGraff, Shawn Evers, Jerry Kuiper

Education: Deanne Van Rosendale, Julie Sitter, Jerry Kuiper, Josiah Luttjeboer, Jen Neibert, Karen Sherwood

Finance:  Curt DeGraff, Shawn Evers, Josiah Luttjeboer, Deanne Van Rosendale, Jerry Kuiper, Jen Neibert

A/R Liaison – April Vander Meyden

Transportation:  Lon Natelborg, Julie Sitter, Mike Schutt, Karen Sherwood

Building and Grounds:  Mike Schutt, Lon Natelborg, Curt DeGraff, Shawn Evers

*Name of Chairman is italicized.

Foundation Board Members

Chairman: Tim Spoelman
Vice Chairman:  Josh Scheeringa
Treasurer: George Oostema
Secretary: Dave Sherwood
Board Liasons: Jerry Kuiper, Deanne Van Rosendale

Al Evers
Serita Jackson
Caleb Jonkman
Terry Krooswyk
Jerry Kuiper
Mike Natelborg
Deanne Van Rosendale
Chris Yonkman


A special note of thanks is offered as well for the S.P.I.C.E.  (Servant Partners in Christian Education) Board that oversees  E.T.C. Thrift Store operating for the benefit of Highland Christian School.

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