Faith Formation


Growing Faith... Developing Disciples

Disciples are developed over time. For this reason, biblical teaching, worship and spiritual nurture are all essential to student life at Highland Christian School.  In every interaction we are training the hearts and minds of our kids.  When we do not now when they will make their decision for Christ, it is our job to provide them with every opportunity to know and love Christ.

At Highland Christian School, we are concerned with two timelines:  now and eternity.  We know what children need to know for success at each grade level and the skills they need for a great transition to high school.  We also know what they need for their eternal life.

It is a distinct privilege and immense responsibility to come alongside parents and the church to continue the work of spiritual formation in a child’s life through biblical instruction, guided faith practice, and Christ-centered academic instruction.

We believe that there is one God who created and ordered the universe, that He created man in His own image for His glory, and that when sin entered the world, God provided for our salvation through the death and resurrection of His only Son, Jesus Christ.  This belief is central to all we do, say, and teach at Highland Christian School.

You can read our full Statement of Foundational Beliefs here.