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HCS Foundation Update

The HCS Foundation was created over 35 years ago with the purpose of promoting the long-term viability of Highland Christian School by growing the assets of the Foundation and administering the funds for the exclusive use and benefit of the school.  Each year the Foundation provides a financial gift back to the school based on the principal balance of the fund.  As the fund grows, the amount of the gift grows, which is why we continue to ask for your support and donations. 

As HCS has seen, and expects to continue to see increased enrollment, the Foundation must also keep growing in order to maintain the same level of support we have been able to give in the past.  Although the performance of the financial markets has hurt us over the last 18 months, we remain determined to grow the principal balance of the fund to $10 million.  At that level we will be able to provide the school an annual gift of $400,000.00, which will offset various costs and thereby reduce tuition expense significantly.  The key to reaching that benchmark will be the continued support of our constituents and faithful donors, as well as obtaining interest and new support from the next generation of parents and families that send children and grandchildren to HCS. 

One of the primary ways the Foundation has grown over time is the financial support we receive from etc…Thrift Store.  Each year, the excess income generated by the store is gifted to the Foundation.  Last year alone we were gifted $200,000 from the store.  In fact, they have gifted the Foundation $1.8 million since the store’s inception.  We thank all the staff, volunteers, and shoppers that help make that store a success.  What a blessing!

Highlights from this past year:

  • Despite the markets decreasing by roughly 9% over the course of the year, the Foundation’s principal balance fell a modest 1.6%, decreasing from $4.52 million to $4.45 million.  We received very strong support from our donor base which helped offset the market losses.
  • We worked with the School Board to create a new system for disbursing the Foundation Gift to families who could use some financial support.  The goal was to find an effective way to provide an appropriate gift to the families who could use it most.  We are determined to do what we can to make a Christian education as affordable as possible for our families, and encourage all families that could use a little help to continue to ask for the support in the future. 
  • We also partnered with the School Board to start funding a separate contingency fund that will provide financial support in the event the Choice Scholarship Program were to ever go away or be altered in such as way as we could no longer participate.  Over $100,000 of our annual gift went towards the Contingency Fund in 2022.   We feel it is essential to plan for the unknown and want to ensure the school will be viable with, or without, the Choice Scholarship Program. 
  • We once again hosted a very well-attended golf outing.  This event is a highlight of the year for our team and has become a must attend event for many of our friends and families.  Thanks to a great group of golfers, donors, and dinner attendees, we were able to raise over $21,000 this year.  Thank you to all you came out and supported this event.  We will see you again next year!

On behalf of the entire Foundation Board, I want to thank you all for your faithful giving and support over the years.  To all who have served on the Foundation previously – we are grateful for your vision and dedication to Christian education.  May God continue to bless HCS and the Foundation. 

Mr. Tim Spoelman, President
HCS Foundation

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